Going Underground at Watersmeet

It’s well worth a ride to Rickmansworth.

Some works of art translate superbly into print, but the first reaction to Ross Ashmore’s Going Underground, now showing at Watersmeet in Rickmansworth, is sheer joy at having made the effort to see the real thing after being beguiled by the (printed) object and the object of the exercise.

The Rickmansworth based artist has set himself the task of painting all London Underground stations! So far he has done Zone 1 (64 stations) and is nearly half way through Zone 2 (100 stations). In all there are 270.

“A bit more ambitious than I imagined,” admits Ross. But having said, he will do it, he is jolly well going to, he adds with a smile.

If he continues in the bold, atmospheric manner now on show in the Artistsmeet gallery at the civic centre, the result is likely to be as atmospheric and varied an impression of London and its Underground serviced surroundings as you will ever get.

The individual pictures are literally dripping with atmosphere and texture, from a colourful, crowded Arsenal on matchday to the almost rustic reflection of the approach to Parsons Green station.

Knightsbridge Station

Knightsbridge Station

The show continues until Friday, March 2.

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