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  1. Jaffer Bhimji says:

    Thank you Sarah.
    It was as usual lovely to have seen you and Andy at the WAAF’s christmas Social.
    We have had many positive feedback.

  2. Sarah How says:

    Just to say how nice it was to see everyone at the Christmas Social. Many Thanks for a lovely evening. Hope you have a Merry Christmas and Creative New Year.

  3. Jaffer Bhimji says:

    Thank you to Vilyamam and also to Sensbachtal for droppin in to our website and leaving messages which we appreciate very much.
    See you soon?

  4. Sensbachtal says:

    Just wanted to say Hello to everyone.
    Much to read and learn here, I’m sure I will enjoy !

  5. Jaffer Bhimji says:

    Welcome to WAAF’s website.It’s lovely to see your new three smashing work. I’m particularly impressed by Cobweb Fantasy and the ballarina one. Well done. Looking forward to see your dedicated page on our site.

  6. Sandria Savory says:

    Hello Douglas Jackson, I am new to the website and looking through the images of peoples work, I very much like yours. I like the bright colours, what medium do you work in?

  7. Jaffer Bhimji ~ WAAF Chairman says:

    Hello, Pauline!
    I appreciate you taking time visiting our website and leaving a comment on the use of Little Cassiobury as an Art Centre.
    As long as we have more enthusiastic people like you then hopefully Little Cassiobury project could take off soon.
    Recently, I had a letter from Mrs Mary Forsythe who said: “The idea of using the house as some kind of arts centre is not new. My file on the building includes refrence to this from 1999. It also includes a cutting from the Watford Observer for May 1939 suggesting that it (Little Cassiobury)should ‘become Watford’s first art gallery and museum’. This was just after HCC had bought the house from the then private owner”
    So, there you are the idea was floated in May 1939!

  8. pauline cannings says:

    has a group been set up to investigate the use of little cassiobury as an art centre ?
    a town as rich as watford should have a facility such as this.
    too much of ‘old watford’ has been lost and we really need to save this building and a good way to do this would be to use it as an art centre. somewhere courses could be run, artists could meet, work could be exhibited to the public, a coffee shop etc. the list is endless.
    for information i would recommend contacting the art centre at the quay side newport isle of wight.
    when we first went to the island many years ago it was just an old warehouse. this was taken over by a bunch of hardworking dedicated people who eventually through hard work gained grants and now it is a working art centre.
    if there is a group working on this and they need other people i would be willing to help.

  9. Don Lanstone says:

    Thanks Sarah & Frances, I very much enjoyed your Exhibition, well done.

  10. Sarah & Frances 'OCTAVIA' says:

    We would just to thank Don and Grelle for all their help with the last minute Octavia group Exhibition at NPC.

  11. Jaffer Bhimji says:

    More publicity for the up coming exhibition on Monday is in full swing. See, if we can also get something under “Exhibitions” in WO.
    Announcement was also made at the Watford Camera Club last evening relating to your exhibition.
    We are all looking forward to see your joint exhibition.

  12. James Gentle says:

    Thanks to the WAAF for all the help in getting our January exhibition “Exploring Natural Form” set up.

    Runs from Jan 8th…

    All comments & feedback on the exhibition are very welcome.



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