Flora, Folk and Fairytales at Chenies Manor, 4 to 27 July

Flora, Folk and Fairytales is the melodious title of Graham Lawder-Stone’s lively and versatile show at the Pavilion Gallery at Chenies Manor this month (July 2012).

The different elements, acrylic landscapes (mainly local), illustrative cartoons based on Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales, and caricatures and “topsy-turvy” Christmas cards, are each allocated a part of the gallery to good effect.

Graham, who is also a professional opera singer and unofficial, but prolific poet, will put on a special show for Chenies Manor Plant and Garden Fair on Sunday (July 15).

By invitation, he is offering to do quick caricatures of visitors, another entertaining string to his artistic bow.

Graham’s work can also be seen at the WAAF Summer Exhibition at the Harlequin gallery in Watford.

Flora, Folk and Fairytales Flyer

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