A Roaring 1920’s Party: Site-Specific Theatre at Micklefield Hall

Micklefield Hall hosts WHISKY DUSK from 12th – 15th May, a brand new piece of site-specific theatre, promising a unique and memorable evening of interactive entertainment.

For just four nights, Micklefield Hall will become the scene of a roaring 1920s party, a gathering of old and new friends, a celebration of spring and a toast to the coming summer. A group of six friends weave their sides of the story around the house, splitting the audience and drawing them into an immersive world of chiffon and champagne.

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Devised by dynamic new theatre company SPECIFIQ, this world-premiere production invites audience members to follow characters as they move freely and separately through the rooms of Micklefield Hall. Director Oscar Blustin, who recently completed a piece in a similar format for the UNESCO World Heritage Site in Durham, explains where this idea came from, and exactly how it will work:

“I often watch an actor walk off a stage and can’t help wondering what they do next – with Whisky Dusk I wanted to give people the chance to find out. The characters begin and end the play in the same place, but in between they move in and out of each other’s company and all around the building, so audience members can follow whichever characters they are interested in.”

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“Some will find themselves watching a romantic scene upstairs by a crackling fire, while others may hear a quiet confession in a gloomy cellar. There are at least six possible paths through the performance.”

SPECIFIQ specialises in a form of theatrical archaeology, digging up stories from the past and dramatising them in the places where they originally happened. Although much of Whisky Dusk is fictional, the play draws on some unique historical facts about Micklefield Hall, like the late eighteenth century adjustments that Sir John Soane made to certain parts of the house. Blustin has wanted to perform here for a while:

“The idea for Whisky Dusk came to me a couple of years ago, while I was a guest at a wedding at Micklefield Hall. The house is perfect for site-specific, promenade theatre – it has a fascinating history and interesting mix of architectural styles.”

Whisky Dusk offers audiences the chance to explore a beautiful grade II listed building through an innovative theatrical experience.

Tickets include a complimentary glass of wine or soft drink, and are priced at £20, or £35 for two. Concessions (Students, Under 18s and Over 60s) are £17. Book online at www.specifiq.co.uk, call 020 8123 7474, or email info@specifiq.co.uk for more information.

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